skate shiTT

@wolfdrawn twitted this shit at me last night... its fucking epic. melcher is one of the most creative names in skateboarding. must see TTv


SBR getting in touch with his rooTTs, obviously he holds it down on bmx and fixed.


more raw grit from ronnie... he's been holding down the raw/gritty/fuckshitup fixed shit for us for a while now. he dropped a new series on us with this shit, follow along, THIETH will be covering this shit, cant wait to see how it progresses. here's what ronnie had to say about it;
"This is a teaser for upcoming video series that thrives off of blood, sweat, and tears. It documents adrenaline junkies, pain, creative outlook, and supports the mentally unbalanced. Follow us in our fucked up adventures as we capture all the things that surround us on a daily basis in our random lives. "

SHMOB saTTurdays: advenTTure TTime

This week featured the best riding weather of 2011 so far. Bored with the usual spots and the local park, Tyler and I decided to mix things up a bit and hit up some dirt trails in the area. Conditions were poor due to weeks of rain and the large number of cows roaming the fields surrounding the trail. We trekked on for multiple miles, walking some of the bigger hills and having to get off our bikes regularly to dodge huge puddles and even a stream at one point. It was definitely one of the most challenging and interesting bike rides I've ever been on, I had a ton of fun.
We managed to get a few clips while we were out there, along with a couple other film sessions later in the week. Lots of great footy, this is some of it. The best is yet to come.