skate shiTT

i dont usually double up on skate shiTT, but when i saw this i had to repost. fucking epic. some bike clips, some huge jumps (on foot haha), super creative skateboarding, long board shit, check the gutter snake run at 2:17. this is some pure/original skateboarding. must see TTv,

bike check: sean coats unknown v2

enter the UNKNOWN for full specs. 
those tires are sick/this build is clean.


caught this over at one of my favorite bmx blogs WHATCHULOOKLIKE (who doesnt love some "hood" shit). cruise over there and click around, they keep it interesting. this flick is "diverse" as fuck, lots of different riders, different styles, different people. those clips of muffinman at the banks are the shit.

im cole'd

cole ruffing puts it down for the spoke and ryd. he drops some pretty big shit in this edit. damn man... where your wrists at right now? shits gotta hurt.

skate shiTT

creature is 100% grass roots skate shit and their roots go way deep, here's some shit from a couple years ago. literally LOL at the kiddie car on the skate ramp.

sofus francisco X track bike shop

a "classy" take on foot retention.

more trick trick boom

more trick trick boom coverage... a bunch of the tricks are the same, but the perspective is different and the camera favors different riders.