here's the latest TT-shirt graphic, we cruised out to sheens house and brought him back to gothross's basement for some photos... its a tribute to another psycho charles... only a matter of time before he starts killing people. here's to "banging 7 gram rocks", "its ok to smoke crack if you can manage it socially",  to those of you who are loving the sheen tweets, a tribute to porn star girlfriends, and... ive had some respond with "i cant wear that shit" to the manson graphic, this ones for you.

elevated engineering: miles mathia

HOLY FUCK!!!!! @JOHNPROLLY (#respect) tweeted this shit at me with the note "FUCKING KILLING IT" and this by all means, without a doubt, some next level shit, FUCKING KILLING IT. thats all there is to say... words will just muddy the water, watch this now.

big wheel bmx

just caught this on vimeo, these guys are the shit. kns.lo is probably my favorite big bmx posse out there, dont miss their flicks.

citygrounds trips to phx

this is a serious stack of footage for a few days of filming... and a super quick turn around. matt really gets shit done, no fucking around. so many sick spots, rad tricks, and the re-emergence of WEASONWHY, so psyched on that shit. everyone is killing it, that nollie bar to whillie was nuts. there's too many rad clips in here to call out, everyone killed it, not to mention you get the clean filming, solid editing, and good tunes you've come to expect from matt's edits. hit WOLFDRAWN for the story and some photos.

skate shiTT

black label has been holding it down forever.


that clint guy has rad style, dig the magwheel setup, check the build at 0:42, fucking nuts. this posse kills shit.

grime yo mang build

art school posted this up on trick track. super clean build, solid parts kit, i dig the matching pedals and grips. here's the bike check rundown:

frame: large Grime Yo Mang - 14mm
fork: Sadio Booster
bars: Sadio Hotbar with demo missile grips
stem: Demolition Keystone topload
headset: flybikes
seat: Resist
post: dmr lockjaw
cranks: Profile 165
sprocket: tree lite 33t
bb: animal
pedals: twisted pcs with Pheonix v2 straps
front wheel: mtx 33 4x to madera pilot v2
rear wheel: mtx33 4x to profile fix/fix 14mm
tires: kenda k-rads 2.3
pegs: shadow
head over to TRICK TRACK and give ARTSCHOOL a shoutout

imporTTant message update

so fucking psyched!!! @wolfdrawn just tweeted this shit over to me... looks like corey, matt, and tyler went shopping this morning and picked up a couple TT-shirts. FUCKING SICK!!!! i love the shit out of that photo of corey at the clearance rack. haha.
check the THUNDERKILL news report.

eat shiTT

couldnt resist. LOL.  (big ups to people who push it as hard as they can no matter how big or small)

...more trick trick boom

more footage from the trick trick boom event. this one covers some shit i dont think i saw in the other ones. was that gap to grind at 3:10 in other edits? wish they wouldnt have chopped the edit right there. either way fucking sick.

fixed gear bike trick girl

chicks get down too.

o.s.k session tokushima& kouti trip

some new shit from fixed trick labolatory... kinda long, but theres some good clips in here.