shane reppin TT

EPIC... saw this on the SHMOB TTUMBLR
get out and skid out on some dirt. 

west jam: oscar kahn and ed wonka

hector brings us some wonka/khan carnage from the west jam trip. those first couple clips of oscar are fucking insane. these two kill shit to death. lol at the music, dont miss this edit.

wonka at trick trick boom

wonka is super consistent, always looks natural, kills it at contests. this is some raw footage style of wonkas run straight through.

kenny arimoto for destroy

fuckin rad shot/high hop from kenny, he stays fucking killing it. judging from his recent edit and the photos ive seen, these DESTROY frames are going to be strong as fuck. head over to PFG for details.

skate shiTT

thrasher is the shit. fuckin beer slave, short sweet trailer, i think the whole flick is up on youtube if you wanted to tune in to some raw skate shit.

big wheel bmx

...more minishred

p.d.p. 3

more coverage from that pdp event. 0:12 was fuckin sick... and pegless, 0:22 wtf/lol/holy shit haha/was that on purpose? some pretty good event coverage here, bunnyhop contest, some trick comp highlights, some nasty footage. check it.

the second flick covers the winners circle and tons of obey product handout

christian musgrave: everything

musgrave pretty much does everything in this video... haha. i dig this one, some "aggressive inline", some skate shit, some scooter, some fixed. christian likes "sports", art, dogs, and long walks on the beach.