tony fast - curb jibs

psyched to see tony's still at it. some mellow minishred here from a fixed freestyle originator.

skate shiTT

caught this on sean coats like list... so fucking sick. raw vhs skate shit. this might be one of the fucking baddest skate flicks ive seen in a long time.

one day edit

old school tarck trickin... on a track bike.

devin tolman: a day in the life

this is a pretty rad edit. not your typical fixed freestyle. this bridges the gap between gofast and trick styles. i dig it. i would love to see more shit progress in this direction, especially in sf, like that style of skate shit where people hit gaps and shit on super steep hills. check it, dont miss it, must see TTv.

quick clip: mgd fixed gear budapest

hop up wheelie shit... an essential basic trick, wheelies are the shit in general.


one last update... i was interested in how this fucker made its way back to sean... if you havent heard the story, musgrave hit me up on vimeo, and here's how it went (in his words);
good story/people who steal shit are dumb motherfuckers

trick trick boom

head over to GEOMETRICK for a trick trick boom photo report.

charge scissor complete build

this thing looks fucking sick, look at the tire clearance on this motherfucker. caught this on COGWEI's blog. cruise over there for more.

chunk's revenge

this edit is fucking sick. biker gang beat downs, rad ledge spots, chunks, gus... entertainment and bikes makes for some good web flick shit. garrison bumstead keeps em coming. cruise over to FIXED CULT for more... and dual buttholes.

return of the viking

im sure most of you have already seen this via PROLLY, but i cant skip past some shit like this. psyched to see an edit from john. he's been doing this since before most of you even had a bike. i remember looking for a bike that would barspin like 4 years ago and seeing prolly post pics on bike forums with his IRO. much respect, prolly has been a huge part of what this shit has become.

looks like thailand is bringing us more good shit... seems like everytime an edit drops from over there its legit. best bodin drops some tech grinds, smoothe style, good spots... psyched on that nollie 180 towards the end. must see TTv. 

eighth inch butcher build

i dig these build up videos... piecing together a bike is the shit, when its all brand new parts its like fucking christmas.