chacon in paris/portugal

footage from paris and portugal... footage from recent trick comps, local spots, parks... that barhop at west jam was huge...



practice, hector ward

some new shit from DEATHGRIP... nothing serious just some tennis court practice shit. psyched on this edit, some lowdef effects. cruise over to the blog and check the dogboarding video, LOL.

square minute with javon duong

this is pretty fuckin solid. on vimeo the claim is;
"HE NEEDS A BIKE ! Bikeless for 2 months and this is what he threw down for his first time with a friend's bike.."
thats some shit right there for someone who hasnt been riding for 2 months and jumped on someone else's shit for the afternoon. fuck man. he definitely needs a bike.

exclusive firsTT look: unknown topload stem

i was shooting the shit with vincent shim, one of the brains behind UNKNOWN BIKES, about bikes, unkown, and living the fuckin dream... and he dropped this clean/rad looking top load stem on me. here's a first look at that new shit coming from UNKNOWN. no word on release as of yet, but get psyched on some hype. they're attentive to riders and soon to be coming through with some big things. support grass roots rider operated brands.

march madness

young guns gettin their trick on... dig seeing some off road shit in these edits. dont miss 1:11 for the win haha.

the hisTTory channel: CONGOFRAMA

i always say it, congo has been holding down long beach (and fixed tricks) for fucking ever... back in the days of 650 front wheels and "TARCK"... this motherfucker was killing shit. i had to laugh when i saw this shit, totally remember it from back in the day, and had to drop this flick on here. so sick.

unknown v2 build

here's another UNKNOWN dual 26 build i caught over at GEOMETRICK head over there for the details. every build ive seen so far has looked proper.

wolfdrawnXphoenix now available

caught this over at PHOENIX blog, these are now available. dont jump the gun tho, order through WOLFDRAWN so his webstore blows up/check out muϟik-mθnd△yϟ-5 whule ur over there.