xlife new frame

caught this at BHSK... totally missed it,  they dont sleep on the new product shit over at bhsk. this frame looks fucking epic, dig the geo, xlife has been an underdog in this fixed freestyle shit for a while, cant wait to see how this frame comes out/how much/how availability will be in the US. check it.

about unknown bike company

interview with subtitles and riding in betweeen... the story of unknown bike. pretty cool, give it a check.

quick clip: big wheel bmx

more minishred, nothing serious... upload some fixed flicks motherfuckers.

off TTopic: winter shred

shred flicks arent easy to come by... most of it is just some "dudes" in ultra baggy gear chucking twirlybirds off shit... i mean seriously, whats the draw to that? if you live in the LA area, it just snowed up there again... there still a chance to get out and shred some white wave shit.

skate shiTT

no-ho shred, deathwishXshake junt. anyone know what park this is?

SHMOB saTTurdays: sTTorm sessions

So the weather for over a week has pretty much been nonstop rain. These are some clips Tyler and I managed to get when the weather was rideable. Tyler finally got pegs, the grind clips are day 1 & 2 with them. Shoutout to Matt Bruesch, who couldn't make an appearance in this one due to a snapped axle.