fuck the motherfucker who stole seans bike (this has nothing to do with seans bike, i just wanted to get that out there). its friday night. fuck shit up.

fgg: west jam

here's a long one from FIXED GEAR GENEVA... looks like it covers all things west jam. tons of footage of the event, street riding, awards ceremony, the whole nine. check it if you got the time.


shane posted this shit up on the SHMOB.TUMBLR with the caption; "tyler needs a sponsor". he's starting to get some shit real dialed, got a natural style, and he's hammering down some tech tricks these days.

unknown v2 build

yerson's v2 build. these things look sick.
snagged from UNKNOWN bikes blog, cruise over there for full build specs.

ynot: steven jensen straps

if you buy these straps, you will be able to do fixed tailwhips.
head over to YNOT for more info


caught this over at THECOMEUP. theres a bunch of OC spots i used to skate in this shit. fucking solid edit.

unlock teaser

caught this over at FROOTS, its kind of old news, but looks pretty killer. i dig the mixed bmx and fixed. check it.

p.d.p. taiwan

here's some footage from that pdp event in taiwan. i dont think ive ever seen nasty do grinds? looks like the event was good, everyones killing it everywhere right now.

sndtrck: west jam

this shit went off... wonka and mike were on fire. must see TTv.