eat shit to the cunt who stole seans bike



fuck the motherfucker who stole this shit, you are a scum cunt worthless piece of shit. 

the bike was stolen on the corner of McFadden and Beach in Fountain Valley. sean is offering a $200 reward for the recovered bike. look for the yellow irak sticker and yellow grips. i will also be offering a TT-SHIRT to anyone who tracks this fucker down. recover this fucking bike by any means. i will replace seans spokes if you shove a stick in the fuckers front wheel while he's riding it. 

firsTTlook: destroy 14mm dropouts

sean at destroy just hit me with this photo via email... these things look fucking sick. 
heres what sean had to say;

"Here is the first ever public look of our new 14mm dropouts. You are the first to see! These fuckers will be on all of the destroy "masochist" frames. Note* these are the protos, but the final production will be mostly the same, minus a few crucial changes."

fucking epic man, cant wait to see this current batch of bikes. photos of 26fixed, 29er, and BMX complete builds over at their site. cruise over to DESTROY and check it out. 

quick clip: bbgkcmo

kickin some old school trick shit at star track... BBGKCMO is a posse out of kansas city, happens to be who hamrick rolls with, and get their fix on wednesday nights. cruise over to the blog and check THE FLYER. if ur in the area, head over and check it out.

brads massive rail 2nd angle

here's a second cell phone angle on that fucking massive rail.  via FIXEDLOVE

skate shiTT: look kool

look kool is epic grass roots skate shiTT.
via long beach locals at TRONGYOURMIND
(support local shit)

rooTTs: sean burns bike check

this shit is so fucking awesome. lulz for days.

big wheel bmx

some big wheel single spot minishred.

will gibbons: sick bike check

here's a quick bike check flick from will gibbons... clean lookin build. a little bit of riding at the end, check that flexy up rail he hits, sick.

off TTopic: "winter shred"

pole jam slam LOL. just snowed up on the mountains here outside LA, not too late to get some "shred" on.

nasty blasting one

snagged this off the BB17 BLOG, nasty blasting a huge hop... check that fucking tuck/check the dudes face on the left. so psyhced. hahahahaha.

unknown v2 builds

went for a couple clicks around TRICKTRACK looking for v2 builds and pulled these out. these builds are looking good. just got a preview of some SHMOB footage last night and tyler's v2 build literally sounds fucking solid when he drops it. psyched to see how these hold up.

nick ramirez: rage pump track

this shits pretty rad. dude just flows through the track. more dirt

quick clip: steezy squares

this shits rad. killer line, slomo efects, kill it.


play this for your bitch when its time for that romance and shit...

oscar khan signature hold fast

lol. these look fucking rad.