the hisTTory channel

an ode to thunderKILL from the not so distant past... this shit was huge in my book. so many big names, so many big tricks, good music, super rad editing, the little clips in between... this is how an edit is done and should be a recorded reference for historical purposes... if you havent seen this yet, youre blowing it, if you have, watch it again. charles, drop another one of these on us.


theres not much in the way of fixed flicks today... so i been cruising some bmx shit... fbm back in the day was fucking killer. that mickey marshall kid has rad style.

skate shiTT

that over rail to gutterfence ender is some serious shit... definitely not the only trick worth mention, this flick is packed full of hammers. im usually not much for videos from the bigger established brands, but these mag minute joints are legit. cruise youtube for more, theres a shitload.

off TTopic: LOL/WTF

kind of off TTopic, kind of... haha, i came across cuz musgrave just clicked "like" this on vimeo... lol, forgive me before you even watch it for posting this shit.

the ski mask lifestyle: charles and charles

holy fuck charles is holding shit down SO HARD. this might be the hardest THIETH reppage ive seen to date. SO FUCKING KILLING IT. thanks a shitload man. makin that TTH13TTH look sick as fuck. so psyched on this. 

unknown cm teaser

high production value, killer spot, rad brand, good editing, quick flick... some good elements in the mix here. THIETH loves a quickie. this shits short and sweet, dont miss it.


charles THUNDERKILL schoen tweeted this shit last night. had to repost. 0:52 rail to bush ride, and 1:49 back wheel barhop... epic.


looks like christian is still riding solo... staying on it tho, keeping the flicks coming, thats whats up. i dig the go get it attitude he comes with. keep with it man, lone wolf.

tommy mao: 209cogs promo

here's the latest from tommy mao repping 209COGS. looks like they dropped a new blog following his norcal posse. cruise over and check it out.