destroy handlebars

i didnt catch this right away... but DESTROY posted up some new pics of their bars. these things look solid. for only $45 bucks they're a fucking steal. head over to DESTROY and pick up a set while you still can. 

torey thronton loose nuts layback

fuck yeah. its been way too long since we've seen a torey solo flick. this shit is so fucking sick. the colors, the dark, the tire slider shit, the spots, the music. while other people blaze trails with big tricks, torey sets the creative bar way high. fucking killing it to death.
sidenote: im fucking loving the torey/wrahw split off he's got going these days.

bike check: josh baumgardner's marino bikes custom

Frame: Custom Marino Bike
Fork: NS Fundamental 3
Bars: S&M Cruiser Slam 5.75 rise
Stem: Primo
Grips: ODI Longneck
Headset: FSA
Seatpost: Random
Seat: Animal
Cranks: Madera Protocol 175
Sprocket: Madera Helm 28t
BB: Madera/Profile
Chain: Mostly Diamond Back with some KHE and KMC links
Front Tire: Schwalbe Big Apple 29x 2.35
Front Rim: Velocity P35
Front Hub: Formula 32h
Rear Tire: Continental Comfort Contact 700x54c
Rear Rim: Sun Ringle MTX33
Rear Hub: Profile w/ 14mm 36h
Pedals: Atomlab PC
Straps: Burro Chronic
Pegs: Sputnic
Hub Guard: Primo
huge shout out to JOHN PROLLY and JOSH BAUMGARDNER all photos brought to you by the grandaddy of FGFS blogs himself JOHN PROLLY, cruise over to his joint for more. 
 i fucking love this bike, so i hit up josh a while ago on trick track for more photos and a full on bike check and he came through with some seriously legit shit here. not to mention this setup, frame, parts kit, the whole thing is so legit. the rest is in Josh's own words;

"I started designing this frame with the mindset of a freestyle bike that could handle a fixed hub, and I really couldn't find any other frame builder that would have anything to do with my bike till I got in touch with Marino Bikes. Marino was easy to work with and was a big help with input and ideas about small touches in my frame. Since I've gotten it built up I've gotten extremely different reactions about my frame, It is defiantly a required taste and completely different to ride then other frames out on the market. So far I haven't even touched the limitations of what my frame is capable of and I'm stoked for these upcoming months to see what this frame has to offer. Hopefully in the near future there might be a manufactured version."

i fucking hope production drops on this thing.

tyler johnson's sizemore complete

tyler just tweeted this teaser of his complete build. cant wait to see this shit.
cruise over to the SIZEMORE FLICKR for frame build pics.

phoenix v2 coming soon

check it out... new PHOENIX straps coming real soon. the WOLFDRAWN ones look so fucking killer in this photo. PREORDER THEM NOW.

flat fix 2011322

flat fix has been bringing flicks for a loooong time now. im psyched to see something new. mostly flatground chill out with some bmx in there.

the gremlins

i caught this shit over at LOCKEDCOG. thanks for the introduction. never seen these guys before, hence the fucking introduction huh?


...more sfg

sfg stays at it with flicks, photos, builds... always on point. the two spots in these pics are so rad. i wish we had a spot like that top one in long beach... rad place to chill out and ride. cruise over to the SFG FLICKR for more.

just for ~@kicks

brad is fucking nuts. i dont know how i missed this, that rail is fucking massive, even for a bmx bike, fucking massive.

quick clip: sfg

these guys are constantly coming with the quick clips.