snagged from SHMOB's TUMBLR... i dig this shit, looks like a video capture between frames or something? whatever it is, i love that kind of shit. you can see some TT-shirt in there too, epic. 

bike check: edward laforte

wonka bike check... solid setup...

last week's edit

a new one from sofus francisco. clean filming and editing... kinda long. some bmx in there too.


more from surfin for the ugly broads...

steveland cleaner rev 2

carlpreme just posted up some pics of his new nempro steveland cleaner. cruise over to the GNARCOTIX blog and check out the full bike check. looks fucking rad and has big barspin clearance.

j smith springtime

solid edit from jordan smith... he's got a real natural style, rolls through the park like a fish in water.

skate shiTT

here's some creative quick footed tech for those who still rock baggy pants. if ur not down for watching a skate flick, click it and just catch the few seconds, long shot, boardwalk, tre flip revert? so killer... and dont miss the fixed kids at 2:12 haha.

wet/fun edit

here's a quick one from jake lanich... that raw nempro build is fucking rad lookin. 

enzo's 15 minute sesh

enzo hit me up with this flick. i dig it, a quick sesh at venice, some flatground slaughter. dudes got a solid bag of tricks and a clean style. check the back barhops, fucking sick man. i dig quick one spot edits.


loving the first clip in this one... pretty big hop, but the fall is some funny shit. this is what its about, just get out and roll with some friends.

bang bang

shiloh stacked 4 months worth of footage to bring you this shit. solid edit, loads of good spots, tricks, and nicely trimmed for that much footage.

thomas bike shop jam (loledited)

here's some more footage of that thomas bike shop jam from fixed love. i dig seeing shit from brads perspective, he grabbed some good shit from this. that santos roofdrop was nuts... and where the fuck has weasonwhy been hiding, that three was so legit.

 lol, in other words, THIETH, ur a fucking idiot.
 im still psyched to see an edit from corey haha.

winter's summer

here's another one from steven dunnuck... getting his shred on in winters summer. thats right, we have summer during winter sometimes in california haha. its literally been feeling like it on and off lately.

thomas jinna bike trick jam

some of THIETH's favorites are in this one. fucking sick warehouse setup and heavy WOLFDRAWN repping.

morning sesh

this edit by Mikul Eriksson is fucking sick. both the riding and the filiming/editing are some next level shit. matt's a name to watch, but now i cant wait to see more edits from mikul. must see TTv.

Steven Jensen for YNOT

I'm in awe at this edit right now...too many great tricks to call out but the tail whip was on point. YNOT straps are indestructible. Steven looks natural on that Volume Vandal.

Always next level, always Fucking Killing It.

maTT spencer teaser clip

Looks like Matt Spencer is filming for a new edit. Killing it pegless, one the sickest lines I've seen in awhile...and how about that TT-shirt?


Bang Bang

New edit from the Stockton fixed scene. 1:35 is super clean.

via shiiiloh
Also, check out New Stockton fixed blog.