just shared this clip with me. Nasty is one of my all time favorite riders to watch. Endless flow & style. Sean Coats said it right in the comments: So much swagger in 33 seconds.

Tomás Thrasher Edit

Pretty rad edit I came across on Vimeo via Velo Theft. Lots of cool flatground shit and some stairsets. Those spin/cab combos are looking sick.

pignon fixe rendez vous

i totally miss this one somehow... contest in paris at an indoor skatepark. that slam at the end is fucking brutal. looks like a decent park for fixed bikes, some people threw it down. good to see this kind of shit going on in other countries.

fucking jamil gray

that three at the end was fucking insane. massive shit. you know jamil has swag. fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

raw footage is sick... anyone ever seen that skate video from back in the day called "listen"? it was sick, raw like this, edited, but without music... the whole video.


ultra creative. fucking pumped on 0:47

SHMOB TTakeover

THIETH will be out cruising sthe strip for sluts and liquor over the next few days, so the man SHMOB shane will be blogging for you starting tomorrow. brace yourself for the SHMOB TTakeover. if he fucks up, we will tie him up and reprogram him like some clockwork orange type shit.

also: SHMOB has a TUMBLR now. check it.

planet hops

these guys always bring some high end web flick shit to the table... looks like a fuckin movie. solid riding, rad shots, skilled editing. this is a top notch web edit.


gorbis is keeping the flicks coming right now... i dig this one, ride everything in sight. TTv shoutout at the end. thanks for blowing my shit up guys.