check ouTT: savage

savage is some long beach local shit coming up. they just dropped a new blog site and got some fresh garment game on the way. i met one of these guys at the citygrounds re-open the other night, sounds like they got some shit in the works, also dropped a few photos of the event. hopefully there's some web flicks coming soon? they're reppin some TTH13TTH on their site, got me fucking psyched.
cruise over to LBSAVAGE.COM now. 

how to: 3/8th to 14mm axel swap

heres your chance to learn some bike tech from a mexican wrestler. lol. i wish he would have body slammed the motherfucker at the end.

portland week 1

im tired as fuck today and dont feel like typing up highlights. this edit is legit. watch the motherfucker, some slum wormer/wheel talkers fucking shit up proper.

andrew voegeli 2011

must see TTv. andrew voegeli kills shit, always. i dig his style, powers through tricks, a dose of dont give a fuck, and some wild style in the mix. this edit is legit, dont miss it.

SHMOB: What Winter? (Unfinished edit)

Matt started making this edit awhile ago, most of the clips are from January/February of this year. All 3 of us have new frames now, so we're ready to fuck shit up on those with a brand new edit. This one never got finished, out with the old, in with the new.
**Tyler Louie just texted me saying his Unknown 26" just arrived. FUCK YEAH**

Expect two bike checks this weekend, Matt and I build up his Mordecai yesterday.


too many hammers in this flick to call out.

tommy mao: vado cam test

mid winter sesssions

some mellow fuck around from some place cold.