oh fuck its a video again. 

thunderkill: bastard sessions

im out cruising for the old stuff right now... here's some shit from TK that dates back 7 months according to vimeo... i was fucking blowing it back then. i dig rawness, the black and white, and the mellow tunes. check it, charles knows whats up with webflicks, i wish THUNDERKILL would drop more.

...more shred straps

here's another one from SHRED STRAPS that i found while cruising their site... digging the grass hill bomb intro and the electric wizard track.

quick clips: shred straps

here's a couple quick ones from "SHRED STRAPS". if you never heard of em before but, obviously, its foot retention. cruise over to THEIR BLOG and check em out. looks like theyre suisse brand bringing some local shit to euro riders.

quick clip: sliders for fucking days

heres a quick clip of one of the longest sliders i think ive ever seen (freecoaster probably helps a shitload)... the 180 bar into it is killer too. where's @wolfdrawn with the fixed slider game these days? lets see some shit like this on a fixed bike.

big bmx: london street jam

i broke the seal on the squish fork bullshit a while ago... i have to say this everytime, i dont fucking dig these setups with suspension forks/dont see how its necessary/looks overbuilt/its a mountainbike, ride it down a mountain... that being said, theres a mix in here, lots of spots we've come to know by way of london fixed riders, a bunch of solid tricks, and this event looks rad... fixed events like this would be killer. theres no fixed flicks popping up today... upload some shit motherfuckers.

the hisTTory channel: "hfwido"

Torey aka HFWIDO aka the psycho brains behind WRAHW, has been  putting it down since the early days. always innovative, always creative, this shit was so fucking epic when it dropped. torey isnt just fucking killing it, this is some serial killer status shit. few people have been holding it down this long... respect your leaders, frequent his blog, rep his shit, snag some stickers, put it down for the real names in fixed.

skate shiTT

dig the moped intro. this dude is an "original coors" despite some of his "questionable fashion choices". i dont think he skates anymore does he?