off TTopic: winter shred

videograss saturdays... brought to you by a thousand different corporate sponsors.

big bmx: cycle jerks

i hesitated to post this cuz it was so long, but it has some redeemers in there. lots of LA area spots if nothing else.

will gibbons: scraps

solid full length edit from will... he's got a real natural style. glad to see him keeping the edits coming in the wake of his attempt at one-a-days... shit was a hell of a task to put yourself up to. check the drop at 1:59, fucking huge.


i post waaaay too much fucking bone deth... haha. i love it tho. this just dropped over the weekend, anyone seen surfin for the ugly broads?

josh baumgardner's marino custom update

caught this on TRICKTRACK
this thing looks killer, i usually dont dig huge risers or crossbars, but this setup looks proper. marino bikes custom w/ huge tire clearance and a real modern geo. this thing looks fun as fuck to ride.

bb17 charmer conception frame

holy shit this thing looks so fucking rad. caught this on BB17's FLICKR, go check it out, the close ups of the details look so rad. i want one, the raw looks so killer.

skate shiTT: ftc

this shit wont blow your mind, but its killer. some old school cruising from tokyo. anyone ever pushed around in traffic like this? its the shit. i been thinkin about getting an old school setup to cruise around on.

welcome to sadio

dew is definitely on some fucking killing it shit. it seems like he came out of nowhere. nollie barspins wtf, big hops over rails, super clean style, progressing the game for sure. too much fire to call out just one trick, dont miss this one. must see TTv/fucking killing it.

packy golan

this edit is fucking rad. dig the intro. packy is one of my favorite up and coming names, watch out for this kid and his gang of groms, he's got a bag of tricks and sick fresh style to go with it. TTH13TTH shoutout at the end of the flick got me pumped, so psyched to have packy rep this shit.

long beach execution

long beach is the fucking spot right now. all your favorite names and some people we havent been seeing much of these days. looks like these motherfuckers mobbed around with a pretty big posse and killed it.

quick clip: oscar lights my fire

fucking epic two trick quick clip. you know oscar kills it, death grip is staying in there and bringing good shit real frequent. dont fuck around, watch this now.

RYD: coles edit

young guns comin out of the wood work... i dig seeing the younger guys rip shit up. this is a solid first offering from cole. he's pushing that new havoc frame... looks good in raw.

kenny: whatever happens happens

this shit got me so pumped. the intro slam repping at TT-SHIRT is fucking sick. rad edit from kenny, some huge rails, high hops, long grinds in this bitch. fucking killing it to death. thanks for the shoutout on vimeo, and its killer to see the shirt being repped to death.