go downtown and put the drugs in your body... bangin 7 gram rocks with sheen right now.

grime bikes shop check


rooTTs: more bone deth

yeah so i kept cruising the site after that last post and came across this gem. looks like some riding from locals and then the video premier. according to the blog, this bar got shut down for 10 days after the party. hahahaha. now thats a fucking party. friday fuckin night, get pumped, party til you puke, or til the cops come tear it down.

rooTTs: product edition

i didnt see this coming... maybe i dont follow close enough, but according to BONE DETH, there will be frames. this shit looks fucking sick. check the boxes, those sean burns bars, the head badges, so rad...

the hisTTory channel

i remember when i first saw this shit... i couldnt fuckin believe it. wonka's a natural on a fixed bike. according to vimeo this was uploaded 3 years ago, and it still "pulls weight" by todays standards. dude's been fucking killing it for a long time.

skate shiTT

skate in the rain... i used to love that shit when i was a kid.



heres a few photos i snagged from TRICKTRACK. grime mike, ricardo lino, ricky86, josh baumgardner, jamblox215. the bottom pic shows a nempro with 180mm cranks and full barspin clearance. fucking epic.