big bmx

some real deal big bmx shit... this guy fucking goes for it. no brakes, rigid fork, the only way it should be. dont miss it.

off TTopic: h plus son production

pretty cool video of how rims are made... had to repost, mainly because THIETH spends 40+ hours a week  in manufacturing, around machinery and shit like this... isnt that some pussy fucking share my life story type bullshit.

grime bikes g.o.a.t. sample

the new shit from grime bikes... looks like a pretty killer geo... look close and catch a @WOLFDRAWN sticker on the fork (peep game). cant wait to see how this bad motherfucker unfolds. cruise over to GRIME for more pics and details.

quick clip: fixin bayres

that shit video effect on these quick clips is fucking rad...

gorbis: hard in the paint

gorbis is repping some TTH13TTH shit real hard. its cool watching you guys progress, keep these flicks coming. fucking pumped everytime someone drops a THIETH rep, psyched on the readers. thanks gorbis.

tony fast winter clips

tony's been doing this shit FOREVER. respect that shit. i couldnt tell at first if this video was stop motion, cell phone cam, or what... check it.

via: prolly 

michael chacon west jam promo

i been wanting to go to that secret spot forever now... my man raffy rides up there all the time, mike on a bike beat me to it...

quick clip

shit yeah man. this is a fucking rad quick clip. handrail, old vhs flavor, short as fuck. epic.

the masked night rider


charles ton getting down

some fuck around shit from anthony rasca... two spots where ive spent most of my learning on fixed bikes back in the day. that kind of shit gets me psyched. long beach is the fucking best.

skate shiTT

more from slave... they bring some authentic shit to the table... good tunes too.

bmore fixed: goes 2 filly

this edit is so fucking sick. bmore fixed briging some fucking fire, some new lamarche footage, and that handrail at the end was some sketch lander fucking epic shit. i love how raw this shit is... and check those tunes out haha.