no one to ride with anymore

musgrave has no one to ride with anymore... i dig this kind of shit tho. i actually prefer to ride solo, and this edit came out pretty fuckin rad. self filmed shit is so killer.

"support the lone wolf"

~@spot check!!!

brads been on it lately... this flick is fucking rad. its a basic spot but brad makes it work. some rad mellow lines at an alley spot.

skate shiTT


SFG_gwang : thrasher bike check

just caught this bike check over at KEEP IT TRICK. this is a clean thrasher build. i dont typically dig the camo wheelset look, but im into it here. monochromatic plus chrome is fucking clean. cruise over and check out more pics, build specs, the whole deal.

single spotter swag

some @wolfdrawn inspired video action here... i think its pretty fucking cool. that single spot concept with the stationary camera is killer. this posse is putting it down on their "home" turf, aka the front yard.


definitely a stranger bmx fan... but what got me going on this one was the tunes...