thrash trailer

shiloh emailed this through... i think he came a long way since the last trailer. i dig this one, all stylized and shit. i hope he keeps going this direction.

us vs them welcomes josh boothby

us vs them has been keeping the web lit up with flicks lately... and boothby came through with two new ones today. these guys are on it. those boothby bmx clips are pretty rad too.

big bmx

yeah... that squish fork shit hardly counts as bmx... mtb more or less, but these kids have that fuck the world shit going on so i had to repost when i ran across this.


its no secret that THIETH loves some bone deth... its been too fucking long since i put these guys on blast.

skate shiTT

more than just skate shiTT... entertainment.

city grounds grand re-opening

i rarely post flyers... so watch carefully. haha. 
CITY GROUNDS is the shit, both locations, but im dtlb so thats where i shop. these guys are fucking killing it, keeping your bike on the street, and holding down fixed gear in long beach real hard. not only do i buy my shit here, but i hang with these guys, and respect the whole group over there.

this will not only be a celebration of grand reopening, but an anniversary of THIETH's broken arm... haha I got broke off after the last party at the shop. check the flyer, raffles, good people, good times, fuck shit up.
i'll see if i can cruise over to the shop and get some inside photos of the raffle loot
(given the boss lets me). 
also, if i can get my shit together i may come through with some TT-SHIRTS.

j. boothby

heres a clean production... seems like boothby stays in with some good filming and editing. how bout that fucking spot under the bridge/tunnel or whatever... skatermade shit? so fucking rad.


ive said it a shitload "this is what its all about"... hang in a parking lot, get some tricks dialed, get creative with the shit you have to ride...

augo's dual 700 charmer

i caught this bad boy on TRICK TRACK. clean lookin build. i dont usually go after setups with color, but i dig the subtle blue. cruise over and check it out... maybe he'll post full build specs?

gloomy slow day edit

hella chunky hit me up on email with this shit. a couple of these kids fucking blast off the bump (0:09mark). get out on the street and film some lines fresh up the spots, blast over some gaps. stay at it, the skatepark is a good place to get new shit dialed.