SHMOB saTTurdays: New Butcher

THIETH and SHMOB have joined forces and I (Shane) will now be posting here. SHMOB saTTurdays will be a weekly occurance, expect photos, videos, bike checks, spot checks and various other updates from our riding.


Frame: 59cm Butcher
Fork: Volume Fu Manchu V2

Wheels: Eighthinch Julian

Tires: 47c Contintental Contact

Bars/Grips: Gusset/Cult

Stem: Cult

Seat: Cult

Cranks: 170mm Eighthinch

Sprocket: Volume Krull/Sugino Messenger 44t (temporary; Unknown Sprocket 33t coming soon)

Pedals/Straps: Eighthinch/Phoenix V1


christian and posse just sent through this shirt. fucking halloween edition headless whillie monster. THIETH digs halloween shit. HUGE shoutout to BBGKCMO for the fucking loot. cruise over to their blog... i jsut caught this today, those dudes put a TTvBLOG link on blast. fucking psyched. 

quick clip: xlife

THIETH loves a quickie.

big bmx

some 24" minishred... keep it mellow/film everything.

skate shiTT: tim and eric

always entertaining, always original.


this shit blew me away... matts on some heavy next level shit with these. he's a multi talented motherfucker, thats for sure...  WOLFDRAWN is way ahead of the game, and much deserved, blowing up right now.