one glove

some new shit from voegeli... he's got that wild style, i dig watching this dude ride... the new unknown setup looks rad... and lol at the one glove, fucking going for it. haha.

anthony rasca

THIETH is down for long beach... anthony puts it down at all the local spots in this one, even one i never thought of before, those bridges down at the lagoon, i wanna see someone go straight up over that shit on any bike.



i'd be lying if i said i didnt read THECOMEUP every now and then. this flicks pretty rad, check it.

off TTopic: movie shit

this ones for gus (@eyelurk). if you follow @THIETH on twitter, you saw some banter about this shit last nite. i know the trailer kind of makes this look like pussy love story, but if you can get past that, and you like some crazy colors, "visuals" (i know thats some generic bullshit), and having your head changed... check this flick out...  WAY THE FUCK OFF TOPIC, i know.


this ones for "you dont have enough nahbs coverage" ralph... lol. ive posted a lot of ofwgkta lately, but fuck it... ralph never heard of this shit, so i wanted to put him on to my favorite earl joint. check it.

sesha park 3/2

skipped past this shit yesterday... a quick one from krislc. mostly bmx, but some fixed shit.

something "knuw"

fuck man. santos is on fire. huge hops, big threes, some killer creative grind shit... and that clip of congo at 1:59 WTF MAN. fucking killing it.

imimusd: pedal hard event recap

you can count on iminusd to bring a clean edit... and it looks like everybody really went for it. some big shit went down of that table ramp. i didnt catch that kenny placed third, fucking killing it. maybe its getting a little redundant, but im fucking pumped he threw down that hard in that shirt i sent through. iminusd also gave us the placement breakdown;
1. Mike Chacon
2. Matt Montoya-iMiNUSD
3. Kenny Arimoto-Destroy
4. Anthony "Wreckless" Combs-iMiNUSD

skate shiTT

corey duffel X thrasher skate shiTT. thrasher was one of my favorite mags growing up, part of my inspiration for this blog here.

eat shiTT/quick clip/rooTTs

so i filmed this shit off the screen, i forget what its from, and you can hear my homeboy "cock cousteau" with the commentary. lulz all around.