more pedalhard trick comp

more from the pedal hard trick comp... and what really fucks this shit up is PFG and DESTROY BIKES repping TT-SHIRTS hard at the end. real names repping real shit

grass on grass

stephen came through with an edit too... some solid shit in here. he definitely got a big bag of tricks and some rad shit to ride out in the IE. is that fuckin chaffey in there? fucking epic, ive been wanting to go there to skate since way back.

bike check: stephen plante

stephen from BUMSTEAD BIKES hit me with a quick bike check... yeah thats real fucking blood all over the handlebars, i heard he killed some crackhead with that shit when he heard my computer got lifted. hahaha. solid build, and its not everyday you see one of these unknown frames. here's the rundown;

"Unknown v1 frame

Volume thrasher fork
Colony headset
Shadow top-load stem
Shadow 4" bars with bar tape grips
4 shadow pegs
Ft wheel profile to big fat mammoth- 1.95 tires
Rr wheel profile to rhino lite- 1.95 tires
33t resist splined to 13t euro cog
Shadow half-link chain
Colony 160 crankset
Odyssey metal pedals with burro strap
Shadow seat"

hurley rain hider

fuck yeah. some new wrahw shit... again. good tunes, good riding, tom killing his bike, tom killing shit on other peoples bikes, brad, matts wall slides. fucking rad shit. seen at WRAHW

UNdeader bike co

i ran across this ad at the bottom somewhere on the internet, so i gave it a quick search. I dig the name UNDEADER and im not "juiced in" or influenced by the opinions of some big bike corp or advertising bullshit, so i'll bring you anything i can find. no idea at this point what UNDEADER is, and the frame looks like a total rip off of a STYLIN frame... but here it is. i actually think the chainwheel is pretty good looking.
check it out... if you find something/already know something about undeader, hit my email.

lunch sessions part 2

fucking sick... lunch2, looks like these are going to keep coming, i thought itd be a one time thing at first... or maybe there'd be a follow up, but not this quick. matt kills shit. this whole series is guaranteed to be must see TTv.

오승완 aka T.D 2011 Clips

planet hops always brings high quality all around... tricks, filming, editing. these flicks are legit, looks like movie production quality. check it.