recovered footage

i've seen clips of this guy here and there... but i think this is the first full edit? this guy fucks shit up hard... dutch keo? ha. this is some must see TTv shit for real. back wheelies, rad style, killer bike control, tech tricks... fucking killing it.

kenny repping THIETH

heres a couple more pics i snagged off the PFG blog of kenny repping a TT-SHIRT. 
huge shout goes out to PFG and KENNY for holding it down/making this shit look good.

destroy bikes bars

these bars look fucking rad. 
$45 is a super fair price. 
cruise over to PFG for details
or DESTROY to pick up a set.

skate shiTT

some oldish jason dill...


2 days in LA with stranger... check this for some killer shred, david grant kills it.

east west smashup

i dont really get the photo montage shit on vimeo/youtube... that being said... skip forward to about the 1:30 mark for some parking lot flatground. super bike control, clean style, check it.

phoenix custom window straps

phoenix just keeps coming through with shit... i saw a set of burro straps with a custom window, was into the concept, but they just looked like phoenix straps... this is the real deal here. i dig how these have the subtle phoenix logo. been thinking about picking up some phoenix straps, now my debate is between these and those wolfdrawn joints. cruise over to PHOENIX.  for more details. who doesnt heart customize?

nick ramirez: quick clips

caught this on the heavy pedal... some solid tricks here.