fukuoka tukasa ozaki

the latest from froots crew... keepin their name in the game with some new shit. check that whillie carve at 0:54, fuckin sick.

fgldn: mini munich mix

this flick is fucking rad... no music, gritty edit, keeping it real raw... oscar khan and chris delia... entertaining with some rad fuckin clips in there.

quick clip/eat shiTT


fuck this bike

shane from SHMOB came through with this quick solo flick... getting some styles dialed, fucking pumped on that nollie down wheelie and those cab 3's are looking natural... not to mention the ofwgkta track (THIETH loves him some OF). also, in case ur blind, check the "700c DONT LIMIT ME" reppin. SHMOB's been down with TTv for a while now... thanks for the TTvBLOG tag at the end SHANE, I definitely appreciate the support.

kenny repping TT-shit

@BHSK_cogblog (BHSK BLOG) tweeted this shit over to me earlier today and i was fucking psyched. PFG kenny repping a TT-SHIRT at the pedal hard comp. fuck yeah man, these guys are definitely killing shit and im fucking amped to see kenny repping TTv.

single spotter II

here's the second edition of single spotter from matt... these are the shit, it shows creativity, versatility, skill, and style. whether he keeps at these single spotter flicks or not, matt stays on his shit, keeps all the fixed followers entertained, and keeps his skillset strong with these flicks. check it. must see TTv.

wrahw witchtape 4

wrahw witchtapes are by far one of my favorite recurring webflicks. torey steps it up every time with these and this ones nonstop chaos. i dont even know where to start... lexus rides, antics, insane tricks, roscoes, throwing shit at taxis, fucking shit up in general. must see TTv.

brussels weekend

thomas from soundtrack sent this through (thanks man)... its rad when i get mail from readers, videos to post, all that kind of shit... so dont hesitate to keep me in the loop. this is three different posse's meeting up to shred in brussels. this kind of collaboration keeps fixed freestyle strong.

minute mondays

yeah its real obvious im late to the fucking party when i post something titled "minute mondays" on a fucking tuesday... we have cocksuck crackhead to thank for that (refer to the earlier post). but shit yeah, these minute mondays are guaranteed fire. the wheel talk compound is the shit and this is a fucking rad posse/rad riding.

friday ride

all your favorite names from the UK. some street, some dirt, some fixed, some mtb... good shit, as usual.

lunch sessions

mayy reyes has such good style and a fucking deep bag of tricks... here's a short one split between bmx and fixed. his setup is looking fucking rad all rawed out. "peep game", this is a super clean web edit.

off TTopic: hamrick on his "go fast"

i dont usually post shit like this... and i dont plan to start, but hamrick a fucking cool guy in my book, and i dig the filming and setting... so here's some "go fast" on snowy roads. check it.

quick riding

here's a quick one from geometrick... these guys stay on top of their video shit. 0:48 is pretty rad, i dont think ive seen the hop over nosie on a fixed before? i could be way off base.  mellow flick either way.

@cookie at hurley

this dude has been down with fgfs for a while now... he's one of those guys that fucking goes for it real hard and doesnt give a shit how hard he falls. mother fucker has more heart than that rudy fucker from the football movie. stay on it man. fuckin psyched on this one.

cock tease

some new shit from @brad... quick teaser for an upcoming edit. he is definitely getting some more tech shit way dialed. fucking epic.

good times with daichi lee

musgrave just posted up this video of daichi lee... sounds like daichi is over bikes? cruise over and comment on this video... tell him he cant just walk away like that fgfs is for life haha.

26 bmx

true 26" bmx... some good spots... lofty 180's and deadly footjam intro. check it.

pedalhard trick comp

rad spot for a trick comp... tricks down stairs, a couple ramps, some shit to grind... fucking killer use of a classic spot.

quick clip: bmx vs mslf

pretty cool side by side quick clip bmx alongside fgfs. rogmaraton getting in touch with his rooTTs.

w-base: almost spring

some old school bmx chill shit out front the shop. wbase keeps it real, keeps us entertain, and always has some flashy bike shit to show.

no posts?

no posts over the weekend cuz some crackhead cunt piece of shit jacked me for my laptop.