unknown v2 dual 26er

this is some "cutting edge" shit right here... the v2 unknown 26er. neg bb drop, 14mm capable, still has plenty of seat tube, tire clearance... not to metoin its a rad looking build, i love chrome cranks and a polished chainwheel. cruise over the UNKNOWN BLOG for build specs and commentary from sean. i cant wait to hear how these things hold up... rumor has it TYLER from SHMOB and CHRISTIAN HAMRICK are going to be rolling around on these soon.

blue nempro

this is TDHK's new build, look at that blue... this mothefucker is so sick. try to look past the naked bars... legit parts kit, sick fucking color.

dual 26 bb17 charmer

ninja posted this over at TRICKTRACK. its actually the frame built for 700's w/ a 26 wheelset. im into this since i prefer the ability to switch back and forth... i couldnt see myself going to a dedicated 26er frame... but i will admit, it does look kind of strange with the seattube cutout and 26 wheels. clean build no matter how you look at it.

speedball magazine

some grassroots shit from elevated engineering... florida look out for this at your local stores.