wolfdrawn X phoenix

this is big news for wolfdrawn... and if phoenix REALLY knows whats up, its big news for them. i was so fucking psyched when i saw this. the typoXthe colorway is as legit as it gets. i cant fucking wait for these to drop... DEFINITELY picking up a set.... dont get this news here tho, cruise over to WOLFDRAWN for the details, and pick up a fuckin shirt while ur there. 
support the real names in fixed. 

rooTTs: remix

here's a remix of a david grant edit... this is one of the best flicks ive seen in a while... and dont pussify yourself with some "oh i could hardly see anything because of the video effects" type bullshit like someone on trick track who blasted one of the flicks i posted up. just watch... rad tunes, digging the effects...

nikon jow: winter

the latest from nikonjow... reppin area cycles, fixed cult, xlife, and star nectar? looks like he's got barhops dialed and some decent parks to ride.

quick clips: forest parker

here's a couple quick clips from forest parker that came to my attention by way of SHMOB mane shane. THIETH loves a quick clip. kill that shit.

2011 P.D.P.

BB17 shot this over to me... looks like theyre organizing a comp. "FGFS ONLY", fuck yeah. theres lots of shit these days where the fgfs shit is just lumped in with sprints and races and shit... not really my "cup of tea", BB17 doing it right.