skate shiTT

grass roots skate shit, solid production, good music... check it. if you want to pick up a copy.

wheel talk X the grime

fuck yeah. just watch... you know this is fucking fire.

rooTTs: bone deth

bone deth on the gypsy caravan tour... so rad.

3 peak high

fixed trick comp from kiryu city japan. some flatground heavy hitters in here... check out that frame at 2:13, crazy lookin.

build the beast

caught this over at PROLLY'S BLOG... new bike day is the fucking best.

bike check: proud cat 26er

this is the latest build from proud cat. old school lookin 26er. i dig the build, its super clean. the only major drawback in my book is the euro bb... also, check out their sprocket... kinda profile lookin, but i dig it. MORE HERE

rooTTs: dew

dew is killing it on a fixed bike... but he's obviously got rooTTs in bmx. huge hop/he looks natural on it.

sndtrck: february

soundtrack edits are always clean.