sunday night movie: winter shred ediTTion

if ur into snow flicks... give this one a watch... its a full length, so its pretty long. if nothing else catch the intro and the first part. fuckin rad.


skate shiTT

intro slam is fucking solid. booze, skate shit, low tech edit... grass roots skateboarding.

welcome to o'pignon

totally missed a killer one here. awesome production value. riding in the snow looks fucking awesome on video... and the tricks are gnarly on that slippery shit. rad flick. must see TTv.
cruise over and check out O'PIGNON... check their tag... pretty cool with the cog on it.

quick clip: day 6

according to the vimeo description, will had a shitty day with this one. everyone has those, where you cant ride for shit and your heads not in it... but he still came through with his daily.
this will be the last of the daily flicks tho, click over to vimeo for details.


more from the thrash posse... they're staying on it, filming when its not raining, keeping the dream alive. this is what its about, posse up, ride with friends, film the action. some old school 650 front tarck trickini in here... kickin it OG.