quick clip: day 4

day 4 from will gibbons... looks like they got some better weather out there. he's coming with some bigger tricks in this one. the beginning of 180 bars and some BIG hops, some handrail shit. fuck yeah man.


bone deth is the best. dug up an older one here... i cant wait to see someone fuck shit up like this on a fixed bike. i can dream cant i? check that slam in the intro, holy fuck, this edit in general is just plain raw, rad intro, heavy lines, fucked up hammers...

skate shiTT

super big ollies and creative use of spots... east coast flavor... this ones rad.

thrash teaser

new flick coming soon... here's what they had to say...
"Coming out with a film in a couple months. Its going to be based on a group of teenage track riders in Stockton, CA. It'll range from track riding, trick track, and fixed gear freestyle. Riders will include:
Alex Southemath
Alex Nunez
Tommy Mao
Jordan Madarang
Anthony Perez
Chad Pecchenino
Shiloh Sambo
Devin Raqueno
Dawson Phan
Ryan Mamaradlo
Brian Shin (Maybe)"

marino bikes custom 26er

here's the 2nd marino custom ive seen... and its fucking sick. found this cruising the DUAL 26 BOARD on tricktrack. frenchsantiago posted it up... im dying (almost dead even) to know how these things hold up. 

2011 steveland cleaner

calpreme posted his 2011 steveland cleaner up on tricktrack. fuckin killer looking build and he's claiming this as the best bike he's ever ridden. head over to the STEVELAND CLEANER TOPIC on tricktrack for more details.

also, check out the NEMPRO BLOG. brad stays on it. this is a framebuilder who is fucking killing shit. always innovating, always on that next shit. not to mention, i dont think ive ever seen photos or heard stories of a broken or bent nempro.

dual 26 mordecai

caught this mordecai on tricktrack. clean build. digging that white saddle/white bars combo. 

felix dol for sadio

felix is riding for sadio parts now. he's injured currently so he's holding back the clips til he can drop a full edit, this is a quick teaser. i dig the black and white... looks good on here.

toku trick school

if nothing else... check this dudes setup; a stylin frame with an oldschool bmw gangsta fork. thats some crazy shit.