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geek down

some mellow riding from diego de leon. lol at the vimeo description; "this is NOT shot in HD". i love that raw shit. keep at it man.

quick clip: day three

will gibbons is still on a mission... day three and counting. check that snow bank pallet ramp, so killer.

26 bmx

this shit got me psyched... new flick from plonka. he's one of those names i follow on vimeo, always killing it on his 26er... freewheel style tho. check the scenes in the abandoned night club, fucking epic.


banned is always the shit... @furoche tweeted this and i had to repost. they definitely one of my favorite names in bmx. kill everyone.

click the banned tag at the bottom of the post for more banned shit.

winter edit

jake lanich and jeffery chen coming through with a solid edit. i dont know which is which, but one of em's got a mean barspin. clean tricks, killer edit. check it.

x-life scorpion frame

here's the latest 26 fixed frame to drop on us. xlife is coming through with this for both 26 and 700. looks like a pretty good geo too. cant wait for more details. head to XLIFE for more pics and details.

fucking killing it: dew's new

holy shit, these are hammers. serious fucking hammers. watch this now. fucking killing it to death.

skate shiTT

bomb hills... this shits fucking nuts.

jonathan davis

some shit from bumsteads way out there in the ie.