some skatepark chill out from pj padua... been a while since the last edit. stay on it.

will gibbons day 2

looks like will's gunna keep at this... i hope he does. these one a day type things are hard to keep up... but  rad to tune in and follow along with.

quick clip: new cutter

quick one liner from jball.

the hisTTory channel

as i remember it... this was one of the first fgfs completes... and it came out during the age of throwing oversized forks on tin can track frames. i remember this bike blowing my mind when it first dropped, like i fucking had to have a setup like this after seeing it. unforgettable project. watch the video and take a look back... it also goes to show how hard ted has been holding it down since waaaayyyy back.

bay-sicz: tyler louie

here's the latest from (shmob) tyler louie... dudes game stepped up hard. looks way natural in the park here. some rad shit/rad style in this flick... i dig that little "oh shit" guy that pops up haha.  cruise over at check out THE BAY-SICZ if hip hop is your thing.

a day in paris

some geometrick shred at that famous paris spot.

skate shiTT: mini shred

some pretty rad cruiser board mini shred. 

BB17 charmer dual 700

these charmer builds are looking super good. dual 700 on 2.1's with full barspin clearance. cruise over to the BB17 BLOG and check it out... they got pictures of all the details you could want. all of em come in matte... so sick.