christian hamrick photo sequences

these are fucking rad. someone in christians posse has photo skills.
dudes on a mission right now...

vimeo dig: sfg

here's a couple from sfg that i missed in the past... while i was on the topic, i figured i would seek out some flicks i might've missed. theres probably more where that came from. i dig the grind one, its rad when you get psyched on a new trick or something and just wear the shit out. check em.

quick clip: will gibbons

quick one liner from will gibbons. some slomo action on it. click it... its only 30 seconds...

off TTopic: winter shred

here's a super early peek at one of next years shred flicks... theres some massive shit in here.


park shit can tend to be dull... but this guy keeps it interesting to say the least.

quick clip: sfg

sfg bangs out quick clips non-stop.

skate shiTT

i dont like to post nike shit... but i saw this over at KEEP IT TRICK and thought id pass it on.

valentines day edit

while the rest of the world bought chocolates, flowers, and acted like cupids little bitches... these guys were getting their shred on.
via: prolly.

sadio 420 bars

yeah... these are eveywhere. they look pretty rad for a riser/crossbar tho.

nasty diy: stem refurb

take your stem from looking like a gnarred up piece of shit to a rawed out clean machine... and back to a fresh painted pristine bike part. cruise over to nasty's blog for the details... i "google translated" it, so it wasnt 100% but... you'll get the idea.

sweat hogs in the snow

"Snow in Texas is about as rare as a democrat winning an election in Texas." LOL.
didnt catch this one yesterday but its worth the watch, entertaining for sure. i wish it would snow in long beach haha.

via: PiNP