welcome to the mid

welcome to the mid "muthafuckas". gorbis dun stepped their game up. check it.

...more enzo

this one had me rollin... check the look back from both enzo and the chick at the end of this one... classic.

quick clips: enzo santi

here's a couple quick ones that enzo just emailed through; he's back on a bike and bringing some hard shit... showin all the lurks at venice park whats up. cruise over to his vimeo page for more... he just uploaded 5 quick clips. new edit dropping soon... get psyched.

yo thieth got tagged in this shit (thanks for the shoutout enzo) try and find me like where the fuck is waldo.


valentines day special ediTTion

off TTopic: winter shred

back to the boneyard is some wierd snow shred shit... check it out, also, the full movie is up on vimeo if you wanted to sit back with a snow flick. check it.

taiwan fixed gear girl

chicks with tricks... girls get down too.

skate shiTT

some old school raw filmed off the screen skate shiTT, i want one of those harold hunter shirts.

rooTTs: OSS mike mastroni

tons of rad shit in this one. 0:41 and 2:18 are two of the raddest things ive seen on a bmx.... thats not to say that loads of other shit in this flick wont fuck your head up, the ender is so rad. dudes got the creative gene.
via: thecomeup

christian hamrick

christian just sent through this photo... its a screen grab from an upcoming edit. this shit is epic... posse on the steps with a bike hop. get psyched, the new edit is bound to blow the last one away.



valentines day special ediTTion;
get your bitch flowers or some shit 

mike for grime

saw this over at wrahw... rad shot.

quick clip: rally

rally's got big ups. get inspired. rally keeps these quick ones coming. 

bears bike 2011,

some grinds and some hang5 action. looks like a full on dj/26er build...


i dig the filmed from the front perspective. cruise.

random shenanigans

irvine is home to uci which is home to a fuckload of spots... lucky guys to have that shit in their backyard... unlucky guys if they're still there when they're old enough to get out on the town haha. check the dirt jumps, looks like they got some killer shit on that end too.

imd minute mondays

fuckin rad edit. high production value, clean filming... im into that black and white, not to mention legit tricks. hopefully they keep these coming.
 ^^^lol, yeah, lecockgit^^^

got found

this is a long one... put your feet up and take it all in. marco has skills and a slew of spots.