mixt meat

mixt meat posse choppin through the trees... some off road shit from the UK, some park, some street. that art installation/skate ramp that i cant place where ive seen is in there. hit me back if you know what it is so i can link the video.

nasty x hold fast

fuckin cool

palmers COPPER bmw launchpad

saw this over at the hold fast blog... fucking epic. cruise over and check it out. ive seen two or three other copper frames ever... only in photos. it looks fucking rad when it gets tarnished. see the whole thing over at PHX BIKE

26 bmx

26 bmx flicks arent the easiest shit to track down... sure there's lots of mtb shit out there, but i dont dig the suspension fork style, its just too mtb for my taste. check this flick tho... and send em through if you got em.

mike chacon for usvsthem

caught this over at the LEADER BLOG. mike chacon quick edit for us vs them. some old school flavor in there and a massive set of stairs at the end.


ofwgkta... just dropped last night.

skate shiTT

cole fraziers part in "VHS tape". check out the old VHS style filming, i'm a big fan of VHS, got a collection of tapes, a vcr, and an old tv. this shit has that old shit film look to it, i love the rawness of it.

gabe & packy winter edit

packy and gabe are coming up... watch the fuck out. this is their strongest edit yet. check the nosie 180's off shit. so sick. 

christian musgrave: grounded 2

christian's still grounded for sticking fire crackers in cats asses... but he gets out to film in front of his house. haha.

swoo: flat 180 tutorial

i think swoo's tutorials are rad. mosher was doing this for a while but kinda let go of it and swoo picked up the slack. tutorials are a good thing for fgfs, its growing fast, and stuff like this will fuel that fire..

sweat hogs

looks like prolly is branching out from metal into some good music lol. its good to see prolly and puckett on some tricks again. how bout that bmw trickin... fucking rad. i still rock an og gangsta for cruisin, such a killer bike.