dual 700 mordecai

caught this over at trick track . O-N's dual 700 mordecai. this is a rad colorway, super clean build. check the rawed out handlebars and the use of silver and black. so good. personally i ride both 26/700 but im leaning towards clean looking 700 builds lately... but ill be back to the dark side soon enough.

sunny days

here's another one from shiloh... more of a full web edit.


lol at the title haha. this ones got some old school trickin in it... some tiny tire 650 front tarck trickin. the other guy rides a more current setup...

deathgrip winter riding with mixt meat

this squad appeared out of thin air and fucks shit up. i cant wait to see where these kids take it, deep bags of tricks, fast riding, and some antics. these kids are pushing the bar up a notch... head over to death grip and check em out.

quick clip: sfg

sfg keeps the quick clips coming... king of quick clip.

skate shiTT: jakob santos

who would've thought... jakob santos is coming through with some legit skate shit. got more skills than some people who skate all day everyday.