bike check: cogwei's bb17 charmer

so fucking rad. probably one of the best looking 29er fgfs frames out there... looks fucking epic built up.
via: cogwei / swoo

christian hamrick

fuck yeah... christian keeps his speed up, goes big, and keeps it smoothe and effortless... fucking killing it. i hope this edit blows up. so many rad hops and rad flowing lines in here.


iminusd rides sf

somehow i totally missed this one. theres some heavy hits in this one. that slum worm posse throws the fuck down.

resist matt spencer bike check

resist just posted up matts bike check... fuckin clean machine. cruise over and check it. personally i cant fucking wait for those congoloid bars to drop. head over to RESIST and check out the details.


musgrave got grounded for trying to ride his bike of the roof. haha. i made that shit up... but dude was grounded, got bored, and threw together a little bike check and some flaground chill. check it. LOL at that grom that slams at the end.


whether you dig the tunes or not... this video is rad. old news... but a killer video.

edward wonka laforte's out here

fucking insane. wonka continues to put this shit on a new level. huge 3's and the ender is so fucking nuts. totally fucking killing it.

resist parts: santos boothby

these two are on a kill shit mission lately.... serious fire. it seems like both of them are progressing so fucking fast right now.

gorbis: enter the steez

here's the first full edit from gorbis... psyched on the TTv shoutout in the intro. THANKS GORBIS. young guns staying on it with the web edits. they got some good spots to work with and determination to kill. keep it coming guys.