shmob with some new shit... coming through with that RELAX on it. tylers riding faster and going bigger. get psyched 2011SMOB hype swag shit.

off TTopic: winter shred

this ones a little slow off the get go... but pretty rad once ur into it. give it a watch if ur feeling some weird flick snow shred shit.

quick clip: mikey nosie

quick clip from across the pond... your homies at 14 bike co just put this up, such a clean nose wheel.

prolly's sweat hogs

prolly just put some sweathog shit on blast. link over for the noise on this. i was hoping we'd see some riding from the man himself on his new mishka whip. maybe next edit???

funny february

some top notch flatground from funny... im feeling that slider to slider out the other way at aroudn the 0:38 mark. funny has rad style.

"skate shiTT"

here's a skate jam with some consequences... that fence at the bottom of the stairs setup couldve been brutal, instead it was the slick floor that sent someone off on a stretcher. caught this over at fish and chips.

swoo's bb17 26er

check the build... looking so clean. caught this over at SWOO'S BLOG. cruise over for the details/more pics.

west jam

tommy mao: maps

tommy hit me up on email with this link. i think its the first ive seen of him, and 2 minutes is hard to fill... but he comes through. packed edit from a young gun. kill it.

skitch: forgotten footage

too many names in here to call out... all your favorite fixed gear super heroes are in this one. tons of killer tricks in here. must see TTv.

se tour recap

not that everyone else isnt fucking shit up... but boothby is on fire right now. damn dude.