brad downie: scraps

i dig this edit... cool intro, clean lookin bike, cool spots, some lofty park hops, totally le'geet.

fixed trick lab winter edit

solid edit from FTL. worth a look. dudes got threes and taps dialed, some rad variations in here.

mike dinh for leader

i dont know if its just my computer... but this flick played real choppy for me. but from what i saw, theres some hammers in here. rad deal to see mike on leader.

년 토끼해 방방 날뛰세: planet hops 2011

this is a super clean edit, hd, rad shots, rad spots, rad angles. i love a well put together edit like this. if high production value is where its at for you, dont miss this one. these dudes are legit on the trick game too, all around killer edit.

rooTTs: sean burns

this one goes back a couple years... sean burns part from off the map 2. i know i post "too much" sean burns, but fuck it, check this out. 


"This is footage from the last couple months, but marks the beginning of much more regular video content from us." Thats worth getting psyched on. cant wait for more from these guys, they always deliver. 

quick clip: christian hamrick

a few quick tricks, no music, smoothe park riding. this shit get me pumped for some reason.