its friday night. get weird.

welcome to the team geoff

geoff now reps RYD so sean banged out a quick flick for him. kid has rad style... keep that shit coming. drop a team edit on us.

son of a bitch

jordan from mixt meat put down a new edit. check it... 0:56 is some killer shit, keep it clever with some basics. its a short one from a legit source so dont hesitate.


short, high production value, from sofus francisco.

rooTTs: stranger

these guys are constantly coming through with hits, creative riding, killer vibes. stranger is one of those names that brings more realness than hype... unlike a lot of the shit thats out there these days. never miss a stranger edit.

"skate shiTT"

the skating isnt as exceptional as the spots... shit man, whatever your game is, rolloblades, razer skooterz, bmx, fixed, skate... some of these spots are epic.

quick clip: special technic of xsjado boxin

barhop to fakie is some shit... super clean. 

check out west jam if you havent already. 

"freestyle fixed jam in lisbon in  the 19th and 20th march and a  bike polo tournament in a big indoor  park, more people from europe is  coming such as geometrick crew, the rotterdam crew and we have some  americans trying to come..such as wonka,  jakob santos, michael chacon  and wheel talk crew...."

for more info, head to the facebook event page 

quick clip: gwang

sfg comes through with more quick clips than anyone... and that cult park place looks so fucking rad.

se road trip day 5

uhhh...a little less exciting than the previous few days.


some local park mini shred... check the blood in the intro, wheres the slam that did that???