just hit up kenny on vimeo, posted his latest flick, cruised over to the PFG BLOG, and caught this beast. shit looks real proper. head OVER and for more details. if these frames stand up to PFG, you can probably jump off a building on them. 

3peak high

durcus one team killing shit... thats some insane flatground action in there.

quick clip: killing time...

killing time... killing it... one and the same for PFG. heres a quick clip of a big hop grinder from kenny.

ldg tank fork test

check that fucker out... never seen a fork like this before. thats for sure... brad has obviously been on top of his shit too... bringing some fuckin hard shit with this edit.

quick clip: oh my gahahad

packy and friends stay on it. michael stanis with a pretty long slider, and a pretty killer quick clip.


some mini shred, some "chill filming", some decent production value, some killer spots. talk about a non descript title. haha.

soundtrack january

if theres one thing ill take away from this edit... bring chicks to the spot. haha. its rare you see chicks with the freestyle deal out here... that might just be me with blinders on tho. paris has some killer spots.

se road trip day 4

more vegas, fireworks, skateparks... living the dream.