single spotter

single spotter spotted at wolfdrawn. matt's been flooding the web with fuckloads of updates. head over to read what he has to say... and if you dont have a shirt yet, snag one while ur over there...


the question on everyones mind... WHEN??? this thing looks fucking mean. the color, the geo, the TK, plain serious legit bike. via: tricktrack

head over to thunderkill and buy some shit so he can drop this frame on us.  

swoo's dual 26 bb17

swoo's new frame just came in... cruise over to constant revolution for details. cant wait to see this built up. 

the hisTTory channel: rva fixed (soul glo)

this is one of my favorite edits from recent history. the tricks may not be mind blowing by todays standards, but this was dead serious a year ago. aside from that, this edit is plain entertaining, wierd clips in between, solid tricks, mike wrecking himself, pushing shit hard... not to mention one of the first to roll on dual 26. if you missed this back then, dont skip it this time.

rooTTs: colt fake banned

banned is the shit. ride fast, die trying. if this flick doesnt have you saying "oh shit" at least a few times, get your prescription checked.

"skate shiTT"

this one goes way back. tony trujillo skates fast and pushes it way hard. "true grit" haha. no regard for eating shit, gritty music, big gaps, fast skating... this was the shit back in the day.

stay loosen

here's some doc shit from overseas... lots of talk that you probably wont understand, some riding in between. its a look into a trick scene in another part of the world. ive been wondering what stay loosen would be all about...

january edit

long beach is the spot, here's some local shred. check that broke head tube intro. some wizard shred in there, droopy, tony, kent, dustin... they got a new camera for that hd.

se roadtrip day 3

lingo's staying on it. las vegas is the shit.