matt for 700c

matts been putting in work lately... holding it down for long beach and 700c. 
MASSIVE hop via: wolfdrawn

blackened shonen

 blackened? i think this is the first ive seen of it. either way... practice makes perfect, a lot of people are trying to get cab three's dialed these days and i feel like you learn from watching, here's some repetition for you.

jans new rider "84 kick"

lots of footplant action in this one... maybe thats where the "kick" comes in. haha.

kozo fixed tailwhip

fixed tailwhip... FUCKING KILLING IT.

another unknown v2 build

saw this over at seoul fixed gear. unknown is coming in hot. a full line of parts, neg bb drop, legit looking frames. i dig that hub comparison... 14mm looks massive.

erik vehmeyer for blkmrkt

i dont know about  you... but ive been anticipating a blkmrktXvehmeyer edit for a while now. this flick exceeds expectations. erik has some real natural bike handling skills, proven in that mini bowl, thats some tight shit to lay down tricks in. keep watch, these are two super legit names teamed up.

scraps/winter break clips

taylor with some new new shit. this edit is rad, he's got 180 bars dialed and some killer stalls going. keeping it fresh and creative... taylor is a natural born killer.

se bikes road trip day 2

lingo staying on it. some park riding in this one. lol at the ender mini slams.

iminusd in sf

caught this over at the one and only slumworm. some fucking massive shit in here. must see TTv.

26" bmx

the line between fixed and 26" bmx will just continue to get blurrier.