unknown bikes v2 build

looks fucking killer. really dig their raw. more details over at "keep it trick"


for those who havent caught this yet... click play at the bottom to watch webflicks like tv. its a feed from the TTvFIXED vimeo channel. plays nonstop flicks... make it full screen and let it roll.

謎Street: mystery 2011

far east X west coast g-funk haha. lots of mini shred and some doubles in this one.

26" bmx

heres a short one from "overseas"... i love the self filmed and the lack of music. this is rad. everyone's got a spot they like to chill at when there's no one to ride with, i dig that kinda shit.

"skate shiTT"

this one goes way back... but its still pretty killer. fast skating, big tricks, mixed spots, overall killer flick.

se bikes road trip day1

this ones everywhere... se bikes road trip filmed by everyones favorite fixed photographer (matt lingo). the filming and editing is clean, and the road trip stuff is definitely rad to follow along with... hopefully the updates are daily?

rooTTs: burns monkey spank

fuck yeah. sean burns has been all over the web lately... this shit is fuckin fire, spot on webflick fire.

quick clip: nasty 360

caught this over at prolly's joint. nasty, 360, quick clip... those are three of my favorite catch phrases when it comes to webflicks.

flawless victory teaser

these guys have been pretty much nonstop with webflicks lately... hopefully that translates to mass stacks of footage and a killer flick when this drops. heres the latest teaser.

diego being knice

here's a quick one from diego(freestylemob)... putting it down for knice clothing.