colin mui for unknown bikes

this kids becoming a household name real fast. deep bag of tricks, good style, and dedication to keeping his webflicks up. on another topic... check the screenshot below... LOL (i wasnt gunna say anything)

flawless victory trick comp

must be asleep at the wheel if i missed this. i didnt see any hype for this trick comp, but it looks like it was a good time. this is what really pushes tricks. grab your posse and trick comp some shit.

alec and jball

a couple groms shredding their local spots... looks like they got some killer shit to ride. i actually really like the low res "filmed in 2 hours" rawness of this one. keep these flicks comin guys.


shane from SHMOB just hit me up with this photo... he's been working out those nose manuals, the pic above is a snap from the latest web edit they're working on. should drop any day now? if you look reeeeaallll hard you can see he's repping a TT-shirt. click the shmob link above check out their shit out.

geometrick: nicolas zanoni

some lofty 180's, some park shit, some street shit... geometrick stays in the game and here's the latest "homeboy" to posse up. check it out, you know their flicks are always on point.