resil vila

im flipping through some youtube flicks right now... and here's another one i missed from way back in august. resil has a fluid style and keeps his speed up. i dig watching him ride.

jesus moreno

ive seen his name a lot more than ive seen him ride... this ones been out for a couple months now and somehow i skipped past it. totally legit edit. he is one of a small group who still rides mismatched wheel sizes. check this shit out...

rooTTs: kink in long beach

kinks not my favorite name in bmx, but theres definitely some killer tricks and rad lines go down in this one... and its long beach, not much more to it, long beach is the place.

andrew voegeli

this kid keeps his tricks fresh every time. tricks in front of the shop type of flicks can tend to be dull, but voegeli is on some creative shit. theres a bunch of rad tricks in here. keep your eye on this guy... i expect you'll see some big things from him in the near future.