congo reppin TTHIETTH

 this shit gets me pumped, caught this on twitter (follow congo). you never know who's actually gunna wear the shit and i couldnt be more psyched than to have this fucking guy putting my shit on blast. 
...and on the same note, this shit had me laughin. caught it over at prolly's blog and had to repost. 
so fucking awesome.

"skate shiTT"

 some skate shit with earl... why not? free earl.

bb17 charmer dual 26 pics

here's more pics of the dual 26 charmer. seen over at BB17's FLICKR. cruise over and check it out... there's plenty more than i posted here. bb17 is coming up hard. get psyched on these guys.


here's a couple updates from matt... that practice video is rad. dude has such smoothe style and skills beyond what most people will ever reach. i love that spot, i just to chill out over there all the time at night. best parking structure downtown (imo). cruise over to wolfdrawn for the whole story.

freesTTyle mob presents diego

looks like diego's on a mission right now, second edit this week.

alec aranowiTTz: bored

some shred shit from OC... i know those spots.