quick clips: pepe

rad style in both these clips.

fixtape freemix

ronnie just dropped this edit, dont miss it. fucking pumped to see these guys riding together. hell of a line up in this one, looks like that event was the raw deal.


quick one of some esb production and a little bit of riding from ted and friends. 

BB17 dual 26 build

Here's the latest on the BB17 dual 26er. SWOO followed up with another update today. head over to his blog for details.

skate shiTT: trong your mind

more from the realest local posse. psyched on this edit.

rooTTs: bone deth summer boogie

fuckin rad.

on off team

its rad to be out on a bike at night. more freedom at spots... the city feels like its yours.

off TTopic: scooter slam

i dont even know how i came across this... but this is one hell of a slam. im not a scooter fan and wont be posting scooter shit, but fuck man... here's the kids description;

"Not very good quality, but I dont care. I cant watch this video anyway. The result of this fall, fractured orbit(eyesocket) fractured some other bone in my face, 7 stitches on my eyebrow and a swollen as shit left eye"

50's west fixed

more from the west fixed posse. these guys are obviously staying focused right now. riding, filming, flooding the internet with web flicks, and organizing an event. "hustlin". some serious hammers in this one too, this mob has some tech tricks dialed... and if you havent check out the event. get linked below.

"freestyle fixed jam in lisbon in  the 19th and 20th march and a  bike polo tournament in a big indoor  park, more people from europe is  coming such as geometrick crew, the rotterdam crew and we have some  americans trying to come..such as wonka,  jakob santos, michael chacon  and wheel talk crew...."

for more info, head to the facebook event page