quick clip: iphone 4 test

this one goes back a few months... from the guys who brought you deathgrip, a quick clip filmed and edited on iphon4.


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via: wolfdrawn on tumblr. 
if you havent seen it, go check it out.

proud cat trick frame update

this is the new color. looks pretty good i dig a brown/bronze frame... third after black and raw in my book. i still havent seen these for sale online, but it looks like if you're in the area you can get one HERE at XLIFE.

off TTopic: "fuck it fridays"

wheelie boyz fuck shit up.


there's not much fgfs webflick shit right now... so i said fuck it and posted some retarded shit for you. wheelie boyz is the shit and that jiz video had me crying the first time i saw it. check em out, especially if ur in class or at work, watch jiz at full volume. hahaha. fuck it.

"skate shiTT"

die trying. thats a fuckin slam right there.

welcome to grime street

the new grime store is open...