sam grime thailand

grime is big news today. shop opening and two webflicks. so fucking rad. havent seen much from this guy but he kills shit. must see TTv.

"skate shiTT"

tim and eric flicks are always rad. skateboarding needs to go a more creative direction these days. with bullshit like tony hawk pro skater video games, shit boards for sale at walmart, skate shops in the mall, run of the mill tricks, same trick plus two more stairs, etc... it gets to a point where it feels like you've seen it all at least twenty times... then theres tim and eric.

grime tv 1

fuck yeah. this is the first of a series. i cant wait for more of this shit. grime posse fucking kills it. nuff said.

w-base: how i roll roots new color

w-base dropped their old school bmx frame in a new colorway. looks killer.

off TTopic: winter shred

cant decide if this is fucking stupid or fucking awesome. haha.

geometrick 2011

somehow i totally skipped past this one. this is a solid edit. if you didnt check it elsewhere, dont miss it the second time around.

destroy bikes 2011 29er frame

i saw this over at PFGBLOG and this frame looks fucking rad. 29x2.3 tire clearance, 14mm, negative bb drop (one inch above the axles), all the hot shit addressed. we'll see how these hold up in the coming months, but it looks solid.

here's the build specs:
Frame - Custom Destroy 29er Frame
Fork - S&M Pitch Fork
Stem - Flatware
Bars - Vultus
Wheels - 48h Chukkers 4x to Profile 14mm rear hub
Tires - Schwalbe BigApple 29er X 2.35 ft & rr
Cranks - Profile 165mm
Sprockets - 36t x 13t
Pedals - Demo PC x Haley's Straps
Chain - Shadow HL
Post - DMR Piv. x Primo Saddle
Pegs - Shadow

unknown bikes trick frame v.2

here's the latest from unknown bikes. the v2 has the same tire clearance as v1, but has a stronger rear triangle, 14mm compatibility, and geometry improvements. looks solid. preorder now HERE.

2011 image plan movie

back to back hits from sdg. super clean production on this one. this shit makes me dizzy just thinking about it, fuck knows how he holds down tricks like that.